The Bradford Renduchintala Scholarship for MSc in Satellite Systems Engineering for International Students in the UK 2022/2023

The Bradford Renduchintala Scholarship for the International students presented by The University of Bradford who will be accepted to the MSc in Satellite Systems Engineering for the academic year of 2022-2023.

If you are one of the foreign students who wish to finish their master’s degree in the United Kingdom this chance is right for you, as the scholarship wishes to help and provide help to the deserving outstanding international students who are willing to undertake their Master’s Degree in the Engineering Department and determined to concentrate on improving their skills and knowledge to be more equipped for their future career goals.

The Satellite System Engineering Scholarship is open to qualified local and foreign students who will be starting their master’s degrees for the academic year of 2022-2023. The scholarship will start in September 2022, applicants can start their application now.

The program offered by the University of Bradford is an exhilarating chance for both local and foreign students who aims to pursue their space or satellite career in the future. A special offer that covers not only the three pillars of satellite or space system but also the communication, artificial intelligence, earth observation, and navigation also the distributed system which will be the key for the future satellite system.

Applicants who will be admitted to the scholarship program will be benefited from being thought by the experienced well-renowned technical professionals in satellite or space engineering and have the benefit to access the outstanding laboratory faculties.

The students will gain theoretical skills and knowledge, and hands-on skills in the CubeSat pocket cube construction, developing software modules that can be used for the telemetry, command tracking system which will be the important components of the space systems, and will be part of the MSc projects. The students will be assisted with the latest space lab kit including a clean CubeSat/pocket cube room and a small TTC control center.

Chances for short-term and long-term training in industry and academia are open and equip students studying for a career in this program.

There are potential opportunities for installing the Catapult and Airbus satellite applications. The Catapult satellite application will together oversee up to two 3-6-month student internships per year. Students who accept the placement will instantly receive a scholarship from Catapult.

In addition, Catapult has an internship program that offers master’s degree graduates the chance to apply for an internship at Catapult for most of 18 months. The SENSE Earth Observation Center for Doctoral Training at the University of Leeds also offers summer internship chances for suitably eligible students who choose master’s degree projects led by SENSE academics.

The University of Bradford is a general university in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, with flat glass buildings. It presents a range of services to help you study and train you for your future career locally and internationally. The university provides different types of services to assist your study and acknowledges that world-class education and research can change every student’s life. Students can gain from new classes and new areas of entertainment and research.

The University of Bradford International College proposes a program for foreign students to better prepare them for higher education in the United Kingdom. The university programs and courses are created to train every student for their future careers by enhancing the standard of education and balancing the needed progress for students’ academics.

Worth of the Bradford Renduchintala Scholarship

The University of Bradford will grant the victorious applicants a total value of £10,000 that will instantly go towards the student’s tuition fee.

All successful students must read and acknowledge the terms and conditions applied to the scholarship. A total of ten students will be awarded for the educational year 2022-2023.

Eligibility for the Bradford Renduchintala Scholarship

Before continuing with the application, the students must be able to meet the standard standards of the scholarship program.

2:2 or higher in Electrical, Electronic, Communications Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, or Mathematics from a notable degree-granting institution.

Applicants who do not meet the normal entry requirements but have extensive industry knowledge in related fields, such as telecom and radio frequency engineers, satellite engineers, computer science/software programmers, and physicists, will be assessed separately.

Both local and foreign students are fit to apply for the scholarship.

Must have a conditional or unconditional request to study at the University of Bradford. Females are especially prompted to apply for the scholarship.

How to apply for the Bradford Renduchintala Scholarship

Qualified students can go to the application portal provided by the University of Bradford. Before finishing the application forms, students must be holding a conditional or unconditional request to study at the University’s MSc in Satellite Systems Engineering Course.

The applicants who will apply for the scholarship will be short-listed for the interview with the scholarship committee. Please complete the application form via this link.

The deadline to complete and submit the application for the Bradford Renduchintala Scholarship is until; June 30, 2022. Late and unfinished applications will be automatically rejected.

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