Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Study in Canada

Many times, foreign students that want to study abroad choose Canada as their study destination. This is not surprising at all. We will look at the qualities that make Canada such an attractive place to study in this article.

When making plans for one’s future, the college where one plans to have their higher education is very important. But if you are a foreign student, then you are probably very aware of the benefits to studying abroad.

Now, studying abroad does not mean studying in just any country that is over the seas. It means studying in a country that will widen your horizon, expose you to new experiences and boost your CV value incredibly.

Canada is undoubtedly one of the countries in the world that can give you that. In the recent years, there has been a sudden hike in the population of foreign students that want to study in Canada. Obviously, these students are attracted to something about this maple leaf country, that is why they are flocking to study there right?

Top Reasons Why You Should Study In Canada

In this post, we will be looking at a good number of reasons why Canada is such a great country to choose to study.

reasons to study in Canada

Let’s Begin!

1. Be a beneficiary of top notch education.

Canada is widely known for its world class universities and colleges. The educational system in Canada encourages the acquisition and development of transferable skills amongst its students.

A good number of Canadian universities consistently rank among the best universities globally according to the QS World Rankings and the Times Higher Education ranking. As a student in Canada’s educational institutions, you get to enjoy the benefits of high quality technology and digital media while learning.

You also get to sharpen skills like critical thinking, research, teamwork and more.

2. Study in a bilingual country.

There are huge benefits to being bilingual and Canada offers international students the ability to learn in a bilingual country. Canada’s main languages are English and French. When you are done with your degree in Canada, you will probably have reached a level of fluency in either one of the languages that you were originally not good at.

Also, coursework is given out in both English and French languages. Being bilingual allows you to apply for more jobs in countries that speak the other language, and it also allows you the benefit of sharpening your language and listening skills.

3. Benefit from Canada’s Strong Technological Presence

Do you know that Canada was the first country to connect its schools and libraries to the internet? Yes. A program called the Innovative SchoolNet Program was set up for the purpose of putting its schools on the internet.

Canada has a very strong presence in areas like Biotechnology, Aeronautical engineering, technology, media, communications and more. Canada has high internet penetration rates and up to 90% of Canadian households are connected to the internet.

Also, Wi-Fi is readily available everywhere in Canada for everyone. This means that as a student, you can use the internet as a reference for reading comfortably and you can also connect and link up with your friends and family.

4. Canada allows you to work after graduation.

You can work in Canada after your graduation because the Canadian government has a work program available for fresh graduates that just finished from its higher institutions. So, if you have a diploma or a degree from a post-secondary institution in Canada, then you are qualified to gain work experience through the work program.

So, you see that the benefit is double for you. You get to continue to live in Canada while you also work and develop your career as well as professional skills.

5. The quality of life in Canada is excellent.

The QS World University Rankings named three Canadian cities, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, among the best 50 cities for students in the world. A lot of factors were considered like, student life satisfaction, how affordable the cities are, quality of life in the cities etc.

Canada is well ranked when it comes to high quality of life both for students and for its citizens. Life is beautiful in Canada and the cost of living in the country is not as high as its other famous counterparts like USA, UK etc. The country is also very welcoming and respectful of the rights of people.

Not to exaggerate but, if you want to study in a culturally rich environment with beautiful surroundings and high life quality, Canada is the perfect pick for you.

In short, Canada is the foreign student’s dream study destination. The country has everything to make a student’s academic pursuit go smoothly.

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