How to Easily Work In Canada With Or Without Work Permit

Just as the title states, we will be dishing out important information on how foreigners can work in Canada without a work permit. To some people, this is not possible but if you are one of them and you are looking for a possible way out, then we highly recommend you read till the end of this article.

Every year, a lot of foreign nationals migrate to Canada to seek for better opportunities. This is because, Canada have proven to be one of the best countries for foreign nationals willing to secure their future.

Most people immigrated to Canada via the assistance of well-designed economic immigration programs such as express entry. But are you aware that having a certain occupation will give you the opportunity to work in Canada without a work visa? Currently, there are over twenty job opportunities and instances where visa holders will not be required to provide a work permit to work in Canada. Some of this job opportunities fall within transportation, media sectors, religious, aviation, athletic, business visit and study purpose.

Aside the above-mentioned areas, there are also other ways to immigrate to Canada permanently which won’t require you to have a temporary work permit. This option might be a better option for you if you feel it meets your needs.

The opportunities and benefits of living in Canada are endless. But the problem lies in how, and possible pathways you can take when immigrating to Canada and whether you need a work visa. Before we dive dipper into what we have for you today, we will like to list out some of the job opportunities for foreigners that do not require a work visa.

Temporary Jobs in Canada That Don’t Require a Work Visa

Here is a comprehensive list of job opportunities in Canada that won’t require a work visa

  • Athlete or coach
  • Aviation accident or incident investigator
  • Business visitor
  • Civil aviation inspector
  • Clergy
  • Convention organizer
  • Crew member
  • Emergency service provider
  • Expert witness or investigator
  • Health care student
  • Foreign government officer
  • A family member to a foreign representative
  • Judge
  • Military personnel
  • News reporter or film and media crew
  • Performing artist
  • Public speaker
  • A short term highly skilled worker
  • Short term researcher
  • Student working off campus
  • Student working on campus

The above list are job opportunities or situations that do not require you to have a work permit in other to move to Canada. Are you familiar with any of the above listed opportunities? If yes. Then you are very lucky. Now is the right time to start processing your move to Canada. So, what next? Let’s look at some immigration pathways you can take to Canada that do not require a work visa.

Immigration Pathways to Canada That Don’t Require a Work Visa

If you can’t find your occupation on the list and you are still in search of alternative ways to move to Canada without work visa, then you need to consider immigrating to Canada first. Here is a list, with detailed explanation on the different Canada immigration programs that can help you legally immigrate to Canada without work permit.


Do you know that in the year 2019, the Canada express entry program was able to secure 332,330 invitations for Canada permanent residency to foreigners? This was actually 20% higher than the previous year invitations.

One major importance of having the permanent residence is that you do not need to a work permit to work in Canada. The permanent residence offers the opportunity to work in Canada legally as long as you want, provided you are able to meet with the immigration program requirements.

Here are three main programs you can find under the express entry system:

  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trade program
  • Canada experience class

Do note that qualification for the federal skilled worker program do not require that you have a job offer from Canada unlike the federal skilled trade program and Canada experience class.

What are the requirements for Express Entry?

In general, those interested in applying for the express entry program are expected to meet with the below requirements.

  • Must have at least one year of work experience in your skilled occupation.
  • Must be proficient in either English or French language. Test scores from IELTS or any other recommended results will be required.
  • Must have a valid post-secondary education that is equivalent to the Canadian educational standard.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The provincial nominee program is another alternative to working in Canada without work permit but you will be required to have a job offer from an employee in Canada to qualify.

One of the best ways to apply for this is via an express entry linked program and this will take anywhere between 4 to 6 months or more to complete the process. You can also apply directly to the province of your choice, but this will take up to 18 months to process unless you are applying to either British Columbia or Alberta.

Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)

The Atlantic immigration program was designed to help those who are interested in migrating to any of Canada Maritime Provinces. If you are interested in living on the coast of Canada and you want to enjoy that lovely and cool temperature climates with beautiful views, then the Atlantic Provinces in Canada is the right place to be. Provinces such as British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador all fall under the Atlantic province and they offer great opportunities for skilled workers willing to work in Canada. By applying for the Atlantic immigration program, you will be offered permanent residency which simply means you will not need a work permit to work there.

For more information about Canada immigration and how you can work in Canada without work permit, we highly recommend you consult a professional and reputable Canada immigration consultant.

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